How we got here...In 2002, Owner Heath Bell decided that he wanted to be the owner of a successful paving business. The company has earned a reputation as one of the very best full-service paving companies in the Southern Maine area. We got here by keeping our promises. We know that in keeping our promises, we will keep a satisfied customer!

Our Vision: Together we are building a well-respected full- service paving company to be first choice paving company serving the Southern Maine Markets.

Our Mission Statement: We will work harder to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by offering an extraordinary commitment to exceptional customer service and superior quality. We will deliver to our customers a better experience and a better product.

Culture Statement: We will believe that with enduring hard work, perseverance, and an exceptional commitment to quality, we will exceed our customer’s expectations and be the paving company of choice.


P and B Paving Inc
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Trusted and Reliable  Paving Contractors in Gray, ME
At P & B Paving we stand behind our work and will not leave a job with an unsatisfied customer.We believe that word of mouth is the best form of  advertising
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